A fusion of energy and detail is how I like to describe my work. From sports to branding videos to breaking news stories, I like to be in on the action. My  mission is to help people tell their stories and create engaging content.


I started off filming varsity and college sports in for ESPN contractors, dance competitions, and press conferences for non-government organizations in the DC area. I could also be found behind the scenes on political ads, reality television programs, short films, and documentaries. Before I knew it, I ventured into news filming high profile media figures, and members of Congress on the Hill while covering breaking news events.

Post production, however, has always been my niche. I have worked on promotional content, corporate keynote videos, news, short film, and reality television programming for big names like Marriott, Discovery, and National Geographic. I am well versed in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. As an editor, I take seriously my role as a storyteller. From years of experience working with non-profit organizations, I believe that your story is a driving force to rally people to your cause. I strive to help others drive home their message through video, the most powerful medium in the virtual sphere right now.

When I'm not doing anything media related you can find me biking, drumming beats, drinking coffee, drawing creative inspiration from a good walk, or cooking up the next food experiment in the kitchen.


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